Webinar: A Collaborative Approach to Complex Chemistry

As molecules in the pipeline continue to become more complex, the demand for complex chemistry capabilities has never been greater. On top of applying specialised technologies like continuous manufacturing and hazardous chemistry in their small molecule projects, biotechnology and pharmaceutical organisations must carefully consider the regulatory, cost, and time implications of their innovative therapeutics’ journey to market. When navigating the challenges associated with complex API development and manufacturing projects, the right partner makes all the difference. 

During this insightful webinar, we will discuss: 

  • The rising complexity of therapeutics today and the demand for complex chemistry capabilities
  • Common challenges that arise from molecule complexity, including speed and cost considerations
  • The significance of innovative technologies such as continuous manufacturing and HPAPIs 
  • Critical success factors when selecting a partner for complex API development and manufacturing projects

Featured Speakers

Mike Gibson

Chief Technical Officer

Sterling Pharma Solutions

Mike started his career as a synthetic chemist and now has 23 years’ experience in the CDMO sector. At Sterling he is part of the Executive Team with responsibility for new product introduction, process improvement, process chemistry, solid state chemistry and technology and innovation. Mike is also responsible for global technical alignment across our four facilities.

Mat Minardi

EVP and Site Head, Cary

Sterling Pharma Solutions

Mat has a PhD in organic chemistry and has 20 years’ experience working on API development projects. He is responsible for leading the team at Sterling’s Cary facility and implementing its ambitious growth strategy, whilst overseeing the provision of route selection and innovative chemistry services to prepare customer processes for kilo-scale and beyond.

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