How Voice AI is Helping Make Smart Devices Even Smarter

The restrictions of cloud-only voice AI solutions have been a barrier to voice interfaces for many smart device manufacturers. Adding a voice assistant to a smart device required either giving up brand independence and tying their products to a big tech speaker solution or implementing an on-device solution that required the user to utter specific phrases to be understood. Other solutions were just too expensive or required too much processing power to make them viable options.

Innovations in voice AI technology and the advent of a range of edge connectivity solutions has effectively removed the barriers to entry for the smart device industry and expanded the opportunities for smart TVs, home appliances, smart home devices, and sensors to provide greater convenience and functionality through conversational interfaces.

Key takeaways:

  • Edge voice AI technology innovations
  • Voice-enabling smart home devices
  • How voice is transforming smart TVs
  • Transformation of mobile apps and remote controls

Featured Speakers

Moderator: Leonard Lee
Managing Director & Founder
neXt Curve

Leonard Lee is the founder of neXt Curve, a research advisory firm focused on transformative technologies and market trends across ICT domains. Mr. Lee advises some of the leading technology firms with their go-to-market strategies and forward-looking market intelligence. He is an advisory board member of the IoT Community and is an executive fellow at the Drucker School of Management’s Center for the Future of Organization.

Steve McIrvin
VP Products
Wyze Labs

As VP of Product at Wyze Labs, Steve leads a group of talented product managers who create innovative, low-cost, AI cameras and security IoT devices. Steve started as a PM at over a decade ago, then left to launch two different companies that brought camera drones to the consumer and professional markets in the US. He lives with his wife, 4 kids, and 1 pampered white rabbit in Blacksburg, VA.

Matt Thompson
Senior Director, Product Management

Matt Thompson has been driving innovation in smart devices and the TV industry for more than 20 years. At SoundHound, Matt leads product management for TV and IoT, bringing exciting new voice experiences and creating new opportunities for monetization. Previously at VIZIO, Matt led the software product roadmap and user experience for VIZIO’s smart TV platform. When at DIRECTV, Matt directed partner strategy, design thinking initiatives and led the software team to multiple Emmy awards for the NFL Sunday Ticket interactive experience.

Chris Tanquary
Senior Director of Business Development

Chris Tanquary is the Senior Director of Business Development at VIZIO, leading
acquisition strategies for premium streaming services on VIZIO’s award-winning
SmartCast platform. A seasoned executive in media and entertainment, Chris has held
various posts at Samsung, including co-founding Samsung Kids+, the company’s first
SVOD and Boost Mobile where he led app store strategy and business development.
Chris holds a BBA from Washburn University and an MBA from the University of Kansas School of Business.

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