Webinar: Signaling pathway CDx for therapy response prediction

Philips has developed OncoSignal tests to quantify functional activity of disease-relevant signal transduction pathways in any cell and tissue type. mRNA expression of direct target genes of pathway transcription factors is translated into pathway activity scores using knowledge-based Bayesian networks. Reference ranges for normal and tumor tissue are used to determine aberrant pathway activity and to indicate potential drug targets. In preclinical settings, OncoSignal can be used to measure the effect of compounds in disease models. Clinical studies with different cancer types have demonstrated that pathway activity is correlated with response to targeted therapies and immunotherapies. OncoSignal qPCR tests can measure simultaneously up to 96 mRNAs in an FFPE sample and report the activity of 7 signaling pathways within a few hours. Here, we announce a partnership between QIAGEN and Philips, with QIAGEN developing and commercializing companion diagnostic tests based on the OncoSignal technology.

Dr. Anja van de Stolpe, PhD, MD

Chief Scientific Officer

Philips Molecular Pathway Dx.

Dr. Anja van de Stolpe is a registered MD/internist with >10 years of clinical experience. She holds a PhD in cell/molecular biology (Hubrecht Institute Utrecht) with post-doctoral experience at Stanford University, a faculty position at Rochester School of Dentistry and Medicine and extensive research experience (publications, awards, grants, patents). In 2010, Anja started the work on signaling pathways at Philips Research. She is the CSO of Philips Molecular Pathway Dx.

Paul van de Wiel, PhD

General Manager

Philips Molecular Pathway Dx.

Dr. Paul van de Wiel has a background in cell and molecular biology with a PhD in immuno-oncology. He started his career at Organon Teknika and was responsible for the development of NucliSens HIV viral load tests. As head of Clinical Molecular Diagnostics R&D at bioMérieux he developed with his team a range of molecular diagnostic tests for infectious diseases. He joined Philips to lead the Molecular Diagnostics research group and became in 2017 General Manager of Philips Molecular Pathway Dx.

Richard Watts

Vice President Business Development, Companion Diagnostics Partnerships


Richard Watts is Vice President of Business Development for Oncology & Precision Diagnostics at QIAGEN. Working to establish collaborations and diagnostic development programs with pharmaceutical companies, Richard consults on technology, clinical and regulatory aspects that support the strategic, operational and commercial elements of drug-diagnostic co-development programs. Richard has worked in partnership with pharma for the pre-launch and launch of KRAS, EGFR, FGFR and PIK3CA testing on a global basis. In the 12 year tenure within his current role in business development, he has structured many companion diagnostic co-development programs, master collaboration agreements and other transactional deals in the space of personalised healthcare. Richard also has a role in the scouting and diligence of new enabling technologies for diagnostic application.

Prior to his position in business development he managed and implemented QIAGEN’s marketing strategy in the pharmaceutical sector with a focus on translational medicine and pharmacogenomics. Before joining QIAGEN Richard held senior managerial, commercial and technical positions at Invitrogen, Nanogen, Packard and Bio-Rad. Richard is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine and graduated in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Bath.


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