Webinar: How immune profiling can enhance the immuno-oncology treatment paradigm

Immune-boosting treatments like checkpoint inhibitors have revolutionized the treatment of many cancers, but they don’t work for all patients. Now there’s a push underway in oncology research to identify immune-system biomarkers that could help oncologists predict which patients are most likely to respond well to particular immuno-oncology treatments.

Thanks to new technology, it’s becoming easier to profile the immune properties of the tumor microenvironment. Diagnostics used to measure immune response in blood samples are also improving.

During this Fierce webinar, experts in diagnostics, immunotherapy and oncology drug development will cover the latest advances in immune profiling, and provide advice on how biopharma companies can incorporate these developments into their R&D programs.

Topics include:

  • How profiling the immune characteristics of the tumor microenvironment can guide treatment strategies.
  • New technologies for profiling immune cells in treated and untreated patients to improve treatment regimens.
  • How advances in immune profiling can be incorporated into clinical trials of new immuno-oncology treatments.

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