Webinar: Breaking through: new approaches to combating solid tumors with CAR-T therapies

The success of CAR-T treatments for blood cancers has encouraged oncology developers to try to translate the technology to solid tumors. But it’s a challenging task, given the lack of target antigens that are specific to solid tumors.

The quest to translate the CAR-T technology to solid tumors has spawned a number of innovative solutions. They include synthesizing CARs that can be programmed to recognize several tumor antigens simultaneously; attaching cancer-killing viruses to CAR-Ts; and engineering personalized CAR-T cells that target solid tumors based on specific mutations in patients’ cancers.

This Fierce webinar will include input from biopharma researchers who are working on new CAR-T technologies aimed at solid tumors. They will discuss the challenges involved in designing and developing the next generation of CAR-Ts.

Topics include:

  • Results to date from clinical trials of CAR-Ts for solid tumors and major takeaways from the data.
  • Personalized versus off-the-shelf CAR-Ts: Pros and cons of each approach for solid tumors.
  • Best practices for designing clinical trials that will demonstrate the benefits of CAR-Ts over standard-of-care drug treatments for solid tumors.

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