Webinar: Vaccine development lessons from COVID - How the ultra-fast development process could be applied to other diseases

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the typical vaccine took more than five years to develop. Pfizer, Moderna and more than a half-dozen other biopharma companies raced from virus discovery to phase 3 testing of their COVID-19 vaccines in under a year, promising an end to the pandemic in 2021.

Now the industry is asking an important question: Can we take what we learned from COVID-19 vaccine successes and use it to speed up the development of other vaccines?

We’ll explore strategies for compressing timelines in vaccine R&D, preclinical research, clinical trials and manufacturing, with insight and advice from people who have been on the frontlines of COVID-19 vaccine development. And we’ll look at how these techniques are already enhancing vaccine development for a range of diseases, including HIV, respiratory syncytial virus and pneumonia.

Topics include:

  • Forming partnerships with the government, contract research organizations and others without the red tape that can slow down development.
  • Best practices for assessing long-term safety on a compressed timeline, including using preclinical testing to model safety, and designing post-marketing studies to track long-term results in human trial participants.
  • Setting up a manufacturing and distribution infrastructure early in the development process and engaging regulators in that process to ensure a smooth transition from clinical testing to commercialization.

Nathalie Landry

Executive Vice President, Scientific and Medical Affairs


Nathalie Landry is a biotech leader with more than 25 years of experience. At Medicago, she oversees research and development (R&D), product development, analytical development, process development, preclinical and clinical development, as well as pharmacovigilance, scientific and medical affairs. Nathalie represents Medicago at numerous international conferences and meetings, and is the co-author of several scientific publications and patents. Prior to joining Medicago she worked for a biotech company developing and producing anticancer compounds.

Juan Carlos Jaramillo, MD

Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Jaramillo has a broad international experience, strong expertise in medical affairs and clinical development that includes vaccines, as well as Global Market Access. Due to his diverse pharma exposure, he has an in-depth business understanding and a strong track-record of success across a wide range of settings, therapeutic areas and geographies. He has worked in various pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, including GlaxoSmithKline, Grünenthal and Daiichi Sankyo. Juan Carlos was born in Colombia and is an American citizen, raised and educated in the U.S.

Tadas Trunca

Sr. Manager, Product Management

Thermo Fisher Scientific

As a Senior Manager of Product Management at Thermo Fisher Scientific, he leads Nucleic Acid Therapeutics TheraPureTM raw materials product portfolio from development to commercial scale supply stages. His global Product Management group in particular focuses on enabling mRNA platform developers and commercializers by supplying starting and ancillary Nucleic Acid synthesis raw materials (enzymes, nucleotides, modified nucleotides products, Cap analogs). For the past 6 years at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tadas played key role in enabling and partnering with multiple mRNA therapy developers by positioning Thermo Fisher Scientific as key strategic supplier and partner. He obtained his BSc in Biology from Vilnius University as well as Master of Business Administration from ISM University of Management and Economics.


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