Webinar: The Benefits of Pharmacist-Led Clinical Trials

This webinar will focus on how a pharmacist-led clinical trial model impacts the six key areas most relevant to clinical trials in today’s COVID and Decentralized Clinical Trial environment.

  • Regulations

GMP and GCP regulations versus state healthcare regulations

  • Recruiting

Clinical research participation as a healthcare option for all patients

  • Diversity

Reach everyone, everywhere

  • Clinical Outcomes

The impact of the CTRP® and their relationship with patients

  • Data Integrity

The technology platform needed to support grand scale, pharmacist-led clinical trials

The role of the pharmacist in clinical trials: to collect subjective data and to provide the context of objective data

  • Clinical Supply Chain

Cost effective DCT and DtP model

Regulatory requirements

Attendees who will benefit the most from this webinar are those currently running clinical trials impacted by COVID and those trying to make decentralized clinical trials a reality.

Featured Speakers

Gerald Finken, RPh



Gerald is a licensed pharmacist with 40 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. In 1997, he founded CSM, a clinical supplies packaging and labeling company, where he invented On-Demand packaging and labeling, Clinical Trial Research Pharmacist (CTRP®) services, and pioneered Direct-to-Patient services. In 2013, he founded Center Point Clinical Services and subsequently created the innovative Siteless CRO model. In 2020, Gerald launched RxE2 where he now serves as CEO. Gerald focuses on innovation, disruptive business strategies, and growth opportunities.

Tina Schlecht, PharmD

Vice President, Pharmacy Operations


Tina has 20 years of experience in pharmacy, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. She began her career at Clinical Supplies Management, Inc. (CSM) where she led the growth of Clinical Trials Research Pharmacist (CTRP®) services. She served as president of Center Point Clinical Services, and gained valuable experience at the National Community Pharmacists Association and ProPharma Group. Tina received her BS and PharmD from North Dakota State University and her MBA from the University of Oregon.

Yoav Grinstein

Chief Product Officer


Yoav is medical device and pharma industry operational and technological expert. He  most recently served for 10 years at Teva pharmaceuticals where he managed clinical data management systems solutions and contributed to submissions to the FDA and EMEA, regulatory audits and technology development in a regulatory environment. In addition, Yoav led the Global clinical supply chain as well as Global Business Operations, tasked with solving technological problems for Teva’s trials, implementation of trials design solutions, advanced AI prediction, clinical innovations, and Teva strategic partnerships with CROs.


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